Why hire a dress?

Do you have a christening, 18th, engagement, party, wedding or formal event coming up and stuck on the "What am I going to wear?" Stop the scrolling and stop wasting all that money on one dress that you'll never wear again and HIRE for your next event

Hiring costs a tiny fraction of the overall RRP of garments, and you have access to a different chic outfit every weekend- no brainer right? The price of one designer dress item could pay for 10 different designer hires!

Everything we do is documented on facebook, instagram, twitter, tik tok- the list goes on; and who wants to be seen wearing the same thing twice! I guarantee you have a build up of dresses that are thrown to the back of your wardrobe, never to be seen again- how many still have tags attached?

One of our favorite fitting experiences at Life of the party Dress hire is styling you into something you wouldn't normally wear- go for that bright colour, super out there or a little booby- HECK, it's not every week you fly down to Melbourne in business class to stay at the casino and go to the spring racing carnival is it?- hiring an outfit for your special occasion allows you to be bold and different- cause your never have to justify to yourself that you "need" to wear it again

Same goes for the matching handbags- We have a little collection of different shapes and sizes to match with our dresses so you don't end up with another clutch you just never use- girl, leave your trusty beige bag at home and try something new. View our bag collection here

We recently read a stat that said on average we own 115 pieces of clothing and in one year we are lucky to wear 30% of them- WOW! Begin to change the unsustainable culture of our generation

The winner for me on why to hire- no washing! Yep, you send back that dress dirty. Life of the Party Dress Hire looks after all the cleaning!

Save some wardrobe space, save some money and hire for your next event - Our goal is to make every lady feel gorgeous.

Our dressing room is located in Kiama downs or we post Australia wide. Book a try on with us for your next event

LOTP girls x

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